What is COOL?

COOL School Technologies is a training and consulting service for educators, industry professionals and the community. The goals are to maximize engagement, increase capacity and optimize opportunities for community builders and stakeholders. COOL services are delivered virtually, face-to-face or via a hybrid model.

COOL services advocate:

  • Connectivity and access to resources, information and current technologies.
  • Digital use  of resources and strategies that build self-efficacy and 21st century skills.
  • Full readiness and pariticipation  for ALL communities and age groups.
  • Increasing performance  and positive outcomes by advocating empowered participation.

COOL School Technologies is an L3C.

What is an L3C?

An L3C is a for-profit social enterprise venture that has a stated goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose. The founders of COOL are social entrepreneurs with the mission of improving human performance through the facilitation of relevant 21st century topics and skills.