Creative Online Opportunities for Learning

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COOL School

Learning + Online Tools =
Creative Online Opportunities for Learning

COOL School provides educational technology training and character
development curriculum using Web 2.0 tools.

COOL provides technology training for educators and anyone working in a learning environment. Our workshops demonstrate how to use web 2.0 tools to engage learners and make learning fun.  

All trainings are hands on and include lesson plans tied to research based strategies such as Marzano's 9 High Yield Instructional Strategies and tied to the Common Core curriculum standards. 

Web 2.0 tools are technologies that are designed to be learner-centered and facilitate interactive information building, sharing, and collaboration. Current technologies (Web 2.0 tools) such as wikis, blogs, and chats are also embedded in social networking sites.  Social networking sites are popular because they allow people with common interests to discuss, share, and learn from each other. 

Click below to see one of many COOL Web 2.0 training tools.

COOL offers a character development curriculum delivered through Web 2.0 tools provides a learning community for teaching and fostering whole student development. COOL brings character development and Web 2.0 together in a fun way to help students practice and master skills needed to be successful in school and the workplace. 

COOL School  curriculum is compatible and can be delivered through various common free Web 2.0 platforms used in the classroom such as Blackboard, Moodle, and