Creative Online Opportunities for Learning

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Our Mission

The mission of COOL School Technologies is to provide educational technology consulting, training and a prescriptive curriculums to address:
  • the needs of at-risk students
  • integration of the National Educational Technology Standards and Common Core Standards
  • retention efforts in urban schools
  • innovative uses of technology
  • organizational and academic planning uses
  • blended learning experiences
  • developing positive learning communities from within the schools
  • bridging the gap between high school and post secondary training and education
  • learner centered instruction
  • personal self-efficacy for students
  • digital literacy for students with limited access

The Founders of COOL School Technologies, L3C

Leah Robinson, Ed.S, a native Detroiter, has counseled and taught at the university level for more than 15 years. Her expertise with at-risk students includes working with first year students, international students, and counseling in the Wayne State University School of Medicine. She holds an MA in Educational Psychology and an Education Specialist in Instructional Technology. Leah is currently pursuing a PhD in Instructional Technology.

Ashara Shepard, Ed.S., is an Educational Improvement Consultant with Wayne RESA and a former educator with the Detroit Public Schools. She holds an MA in Curriculum and Instruction and an Education Specialist in Instructional Technology. 
She trains educators at the K-12 and collegiate level. She often facilitates workshops at conferences on digital equity and technology integration.

Lin Zhang, Ed.S., is a full time PhD student in Instructional Technology and also has a MA in the field. Lin is experienced with online instruction on the university level and served as a multimedia technologist and curriculum designer for COOL School Technologies.  Lin was also a K-12 educator in her native country of China. She is currently finishing her PhD studies at Boston University.